What’s the deal with t-shirt printing and how we do it…

When it comes to creating custom t-shirts, there are many different methods to choose from. But, let’s be real, who wants to read about the boring technical details? So, let’s break it down in a fun way:

Screen printing is like the grandpa of t-shirt printing. It’s been around for ages, and it’s tried and true. Think of it like a stencil and a squeegee. The stencil is like a stencil you’d use for a school art project, and the squeegee is like the tool you use to spread icing on a cake. But instead of icing, it’s ink and instead of a cake, it’s a shirt. The result? A bold and vibrant design that will last for ages.

Sublimation printing is like the new kid on the block. It’s got all the latest technology and it’s fancy. Think of it like a magic wand and a heat press. You print your design on a special transfer paper with the magic wand (ink) and then with the heat press, you press it onto the shirt and poof the design magically embeds itself into the fibers of the fabric. The result? A design that’s vibrant and long-lasting, perfect for full-color designs.

Vinyl heat press is like your trusty glue gun and a heat press. You take a piece of heat-sensitive vinyl and cut it into your desired design. Then, you use the trusty glue gun (heat press) to press it onto the shirt. The result? A design that’s easy to do, and you can get creative with different colors and textures of vinyl.

So, there you have it, t-shirt printing made simple and fun. Whether you’re a grandpa, a wizard, or a crafty person, there’s a method out there for you. So go forth and make some awesome t-shirts!

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