Free logo Embroidery in Ireland

Embroidery in Ireland for workwear is readily available and there are lots of successful companies around the country offering this valuable service.

Some offer the service for €50 plus to get your logo or crest ready for embroidery. Some offer the service as a paid service depending on how large or how many stitches or colours are associated with the logo or crest. We in CustomWear take a different approach and for the most part offer the service as paid for as well for up to 10 items (garments) the log or crest will be stitched onto but if you have more than 10 items being embroidered then we waive the fee and give you this service free of charge.

Here is how it works most people in business, sport or leisure have a logo or a crest that they would like their clothing to have embellished. Most of the time this is a chest crest or logo stitched onto the garment.

These people usually send us this image in formats of JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF type files and then we take this image and digitise it for our embroidery machines. Our machines are made by TAJIMA, who are the world’s leading manufacturer of embroidery machines.

So the art work of a PDF or JPG has to go through several steps in order to be made into a format that the embroidery machines understand. The picture file has to be sized, it has to be told which colours are achievable on the machine for the best results.

I am going to give you a few examples of images that we received in the last few weeks from customers and then show you the image that is digitised for the embroidery machines.

Below are on the left the images that some of our customers have sent in and on the right are our finished digitised logos ready for embroidery on to the garments.

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