Hen T-Shirts Ireland No Need To Collect Money

That’s right you don’t need to collect any money from the people who are attending your hen party or event we take all that messing around away for you.


How it works:

  • First visit the hen section on our website Click Here
  • Fill in the form to inform us the colour, the amount of t-shirts required, the artwork or graphic on the t-shirt etc.
  • After an email or two or perhaps a phone conversation we now have all your details and agree the price
  • CustomWear then produces your own product page – this you can share out to the rest of the attendees – they chose their own style and size of t-shirt for the party and pay online
  • We recommend the bride or the head bridesmaid takes charge at this point and share the link to the page via text, whatsapp, facebook messenger to the group
  • SIMPLES!!!

Here is an example of your own t-shirt page:

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